About the Artist

I’m glad you’re here!

I want to welcome you to our community of art lovers. My name is Arianna Flores-Moya and I am the owner and surrealist artist of Evokeaholic. As a multi-passionate at heart, I have a love for many mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, and textile. I desire to live through my individuality while simultaneously creating a safe space for others to do the same. I hope my art charges you with the same energy it gives me.


Born into a strong, Puerto Rican family that has always encouraged self-expression, I’ve known to follow my passions from a very young age. Artistry is in my blood. It serves as a therapeutic outlet to navigate my feelings that I often bottled up. Creating is my way of being vulnerable. I have learned more about myself and how I view the world through artistic expression more than any other external source. 


I started my artistic journey in middle school through the performing arts. I continued doing theatre through college and graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Attending a liberal arts college gave me the opportunity and flexibility to explore all mediums of art in a safe learning environment.


After I graduated college, I discovered my gift in visual arts and the real spark to open Evokeaholic Art Shop in 2020. I unleashed a new part of myself that would guide me to become the independent, creative, and driven Latina woman I always dreamed of becoming. I am grateful to be living my dream creating art and serving as a resource for all art lovers to follow their dreams. 


I chose “Evokeaholic” because as artists we have a deep desire to connect and evoke emotion through our art. Artistic expression is an irresistible urge that feeds the soul in the most gratifying and transformational way. I hope that Evokeaholic inspires you to follow your intuition, practice self-growth and healing, manifest, and live fully and unapologetically in your gift. You can do it all! I’m glad you’re here.


Sending love,

Arianna Flores-Moya