Soul Care for Artists

Soul Care for Artists

Take a deep breath with me; Inhale on a count of four, hold for two, and exhale for four. Whew, doesn’t that feel better? Taking these little moments of mindfulness will go a long way. You are the vessel of creation. You deserve grace, space, and to embrace the person you are becoming.

Self-care is self-preservation, not an act of selfishness. You need to fill your cup before you can do so for anyone else. Upholding the boundaries that will protect your energy and your growth is vital. Practicing self-care is the beauty regimen of the soul.

Soul Care Day

Set aside a day of the week dedicated to you and only you. Allow freedom in your day; take yourself on an artist date, or sit back and exist. We often forget the beauty in existing because we are actively chasing after our dreams. You deserve a break from your “To-Do” list. Do things that feed your soul. You are not your work.  You have time to bring your dreams to fruition. 

I have found so much joy in my Soul Care Sundays. I often find myself counting down the days until Sunday. It is a day where I give into the free flow of life. There is no time for overplanning; I instead tune into myself to discover what I need to set me up for a positive week. Some Sundays look like tidying my space; or doing my nails and watching Netflix. 

Reminding yourself that you are not only your work is vital to living a healthy and sustainable life. There are days when your soul needs deep guilt-free rest. Fall in love with taking care of you.

Rooted in Connection 

Practicing mindfulness keeps you open to the magic around you and within you. Observing the small details of life can help you be present while transforming your art. Arguably, I believe artists are the most mindful individuals. We view life through a magnifying glass. We look at every detail of a flower from its ridges to its lights and shadows. No element is more important than the other; every tiny detail is essential to creating a masterpiece.

Mindfulness is an art form. It elevates you from a limited identity to unlimited space. I lean to meditation, journaling, and returning to nature to ground myself. Nature invites you to be where you are. Through these energy exchanges of connection, I am getting to know my needs, desires, and current state of being. Cultivating your practice will empower you as an individual and visionary.

When I am feeling stuck creatively, I turn to meditation. The use of breath works to calm my nervous system and helps me redirect my actions to listen to what my body needs at the moment. Meditation can improve brain-storming skills, heighten creativity, decrease stress, increase focus, and connect us to our true selves. Through this channel, I can tap into my higher self and release my thoughts through journaling. As artists, we long to connect with others, but we must first nourish the connection within ourselves.

Staying connected can be practiced in many forms. For example, I find myself rushing through the painting process to finish a piece to move on to the next. In those moments, I take a step back; and breathe through the process. I give myself permission to get lost in the brush strokes caressing the canvas. The art of creation is a sacred practice of getting to know oneself. Give yourself time to experience the depths of yourself.

Attitude of Gratitude

The vibration of expressing gratitude for the present moment can raise your consciousness and energy. Gratitude is present through words, actions, and positive energy exchange. It prepares your soul for blessings and connects you to the abundant universe. Being thankful for the now and the beautiful journey ahead sets you up for a positive experience. Gratitude is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Express gratitude to yourself for taking the time to connect and heal. Soul Care is the foundation. Tap in and let your soul speak.

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In what ways to you tend to your soul? How has this influenced you as an individual and artist?

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