You Can Do It All…But You Do Not Have To!

You Can Do It All…But You Do Not Have To!

Yes, you with your hyper-independent and multi-passionate self. I know you can do it all, but you do not have to. You do not have to chase your dreams alone. I understand it is often difficult to trust others with something you hold so near; and dear to your heart. Good news for you, cultivating trust is immediately actionable!

Building trust begins with practicing self-compassion. Understanding yourself is power. Ditching the limiting belief of perfectionism will free you and draw your dreams closer. Being mindful that your path is not linear makes way for fostering connections, experimentation, and fun!

Understanding Your Limits

Being a hyper-independent individual is holding you back from becoming the successful entrepreneur you long to be. As a hyper-independent myself, I find it hard to ask others for help because, "I’d rather just do it myself." While this might have worked a little, it does not give the space to elevate. This ideology is damaging because you do not know it all. And that is okay.  

Owning an art business is balancing; thirty different positions like creator, social media manager, shipping and handling, and so much more. It can often feel overwhelming to turn a passion into a business. It is vital to check in with yourself daily or even moment by moment. Do not glorify the idea of being burned out to say the wise words of Julia Fox; "I actually did it myself." Understanding your limits is the key to sustainability.

If you are anything like me, you feel like you should have been a professional from day one. The reality is owning a business is the act of becoming. Becoming an individual who is compassionate, collaborative, and curious. It is okay to be stubborn about your goals, but be flexible with how you get there. Enjoy the journey because it is often longer than the moment of attainment. 

Building Your Team

Embracing the skill sets of others and building with each other will foster new relationships and mastery. Building an empire is not a one-person job. Part of the joy of creating is connecting with others. Permit yourself to build a community of support. Growth and success are much more fruitful when you surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams just as much as you do!

A successful business owner knows the importance of delegation, practice collaborative problem solving by giving them access to the co-creation process. Trust requires transparency. These steps helped me let go and allow others to help me achieve my dreams.

Creating Cultures of Trust

  • Sincerity and Authenticity: You mean what you say, and say what you mean. Understanding my limitations. Why I need the help and how it will benefit the growth of my business.
  • Reliability: You honor your commitments. Allow one friend or person in your life who you depend on to help you with something you deem as small. A task that would not be detrimental to the success of your business. This is a great way to build trust!
  • Competence and Logic: You have the ability. Set your team up for success by clearly outlining the objectives and deadlines.
  • Empathy & Care: You hold others' interests in mind. Allow room for growth and mistakes. Nobody is perfect!

Being a true leader is having the ability to share your vision. We are hard-wired for connection. Reframing your mindset and taking intentional, actionable steps will create a culture of trust. Embrace the value of power-sharing. If you are going to do big things, you need to take time to cultivate your community. You can do it all, but you do not have to!

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How do you show yourself compassion? When do you know you’ve reached your limits? Let’s connect!

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