Surrealism is Freedom

Surrealism is Freedom

I did not choose Surrealism, it chose me. 

I’ve always been drawn to the unconventional. The enticing potentiality of challenging the ideologies of a fixed mindset. Surrealism has given me the power to free the creative potential of my subconscious mind. True freedom is the ability to accept all of you; the light and the dark. 

The surreal art form celebrates the irrational and aims to revolutionize the human experience. From a young age, I always wanted to know the “why?” of everything. Did you bother your parents with questions of "what if" and "how come"? I know I did, endlessly. My curious mind wanted to grasp the concept from its roots and build a greater understanding of the people and world around me. 

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2019, I felt lost and confused about what my next steps would be. I prayed to God and the Universe for any bit of guidance to my highest timeline. Soon after, I stumbled upon a Latina surrealist artist, Sincerely Art, while scrolling through Instagram. The art style spoke to me in a way that set my soul free. 

Art has a beautiful way of metamorphosing to meet you where you are and expand your concept of self. At the time, I didn’t realize the impact it would have on the trajectory of my life. 

My Art Awakening 

Art is a means of survival. It gives me space to understand and empathize with myself and the world. Art is everything and everywhere. We are innately art. We were once a thought that was brought to life. I create because it is my breath, my soul, and my purpose. Painting continues to teach me an abundance of life lessons with each brush stroke. The main lesson being we are the creators of our own lives. We hold the paintbrush. Each brush stroke is a pathway, and at any time I can decide to change course. 

Surrealism is reality to me. I want to push people to step outside their confined paradigms and subconscious programming to experience art through an unfiltered lens. 

Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” - Salvador Dalí

As a surrealist, I can challenge what is and create what is yet to be seen. The power to expand the conscious mind through my images of distortion, unexpected illogical juxtaposition, personal iconography, dream-like scenes, and symbolic images. Surrealism is reality.

Standing Apart From the Crowd 

Our thoughts and visions are life’s coming attractions. I am motivated by the truth, what is and what has yet to become. I am inspired by all the beautiful ideas my mind is constantly willing to fruition. If not me, then who? 

The most inspiring aspect of being an artist is even after I’m gone, my art and the way I made people feel will live on. Art surpasses the concept of time. Living in my truth and my authenticity as an artist is the most gratifying sentiment.

Creativity is an addictive drug of self-expression, self-discovery, and connection. 

Art has an awe-inspiring way of transcending boundaries by way of communication at the deepest, most long-standing level. I am motivated by the feeling of freedom, courage, and pure bliss creating releases from my soul.

Free·DOM: The Power or Right to Act, Speak, or Think as One Wants Without Hindrance or Restraint.

Freedom is what I desire in my everyday life. There are three types of freedom:

  1. Freedom from: Freedom from the constraints of society.
  2. Freedom to: Freedom to do what we want to do.
  3. Freedom to be: Freedom, not just to do what we want, but freedom to be who we are meant to be.

I strive to personify all three types of freedom. I never want to feel confined to a way of living, thinking or being. Unquestionably, I long for exploration and transformation of the body, mind, and soul. To fulfill my purpose unhindered and embody my true power as a creator. 

Surrealism evokes those emotions for me. I feel the freedom to express my subconsciousness and bare my soul in ways I’ve never felt comfortable with before. It allows me space to be vulnerable and transmute my innermost feelings in a way that makes sense to me. I have found my sense of belonging in the surrealist community. Whatever wild visions come to me do not have to be justified… they can simply exist. 

The unexpected is expected in surrealism. I find great comfort in knowing that anything goes. I am the master creator of my world, and I can make it as fantastical as I wish. An alchemist of visions into physical manifestations of matter. 

Feel your Power!

Artists like you hold the power to create a new world. You have the power to feel deeply and exist honestly. Humanity needs your visions, otherwise what would we be without them? 

Your voice matters. Your voice can start a movement. Your voice can change the world. The voice of an artist surpasses the expression of one medium. Artistic expression is a melting-pot of lenses, materials, colors, forms, human experiences, and voices.

I stand with all artists. 

I stand with you.

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