Artist Solo Date Ideas for Inspiration: Treat Yo’ Self!

Artist Solo Date Ideas for Inspiration: Treat Yo’ Self!

Your artistic soul is calling! It is time to take yourself on the date you have been waiting for someone else to take you on; romanticize getting to know yourself. The deeper you dive into your gifts, your vision for your artistry will become clear. Hold space to explore your desires and see the magic unfold. There are so many ways to wine and dine your artistic soul. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Dear Multi-Passionate, Try a new art class

Art has no boundaries; everything is innately art. By allowing yourself to explore the wonders of creativity, you can hone in on what medium best expresses your creative vision. It is time to cultivate your multi-passionate toolkit and create your own niche. 

You can take classes such as Drawing, Painting, Digital media, Film Production, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Ceramics. There are many ways to indulge in artistic expression, whether at an in-person class, a virtual course, or a free YouTube video. We have so much more access to information than ever before; we must take full advantage of the knowledge at our fingertips. 

One of my favorites is taking a Paint with a Twist class. Being a painter for a living can shift your paradigm and start to view painting as work instead of a passion. It is time to bring the fun back into your process. If you are an artist, you know how easy it is to be self-critical and over-examine every detail of a piece. 

The Paint with a Twist classes allow you to escape the constraints of perfectionism and take risks. Art is an expression of the soul, not a research paper. Stop taking it so seriously! The instructors in these classes prioritize staying present and enjoying the creative process. Every step of the process is a free-flowing dance between the paintbrush, canvas, and you (maybe a little bit of wine too). 

2. Art Museum Connoisseur 

Observe the works of the artists who laid the foundations of the great art movements before us. Immerse yourself in the colors, paint strokes, and silhouettes of the people of the past. The more art you expose yourself to, the better informed you will be in your craft. 

A mindful exercise to see what kind of art you gravitate to is taking a notebook with you and tapping into your five senses. Take note of patterns, symbols, and styles from each art movement. When observing the artwork, ask yourself; How does this piece make me feel? Where can I see the art movement being represented? What is the texture of the piece? 

By answering these questions for different pieces, you can uncover the art movement that most calls to you and learn about it further. There are many benefits to visiting an art museum beyond cultivating your art style. Visiting art museums have been proven to reduce stress levels, evoke joy, improve memory, and enhance your emotional intelligence. Art heals.

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic: Art Supplies Edition

Who doesn’t love a shopping spree?! There is nothing like a fresh pack of soft-bristle paint brushes or new paint tubes. Go to your local art store and leisurely peruse through the aisles, taking it all in. Be playful, and let your intuition guide you. 

It could be the perfect time to pick up the art supplies for a new art medium you want to try or add to your collection for a medium you already enjoy. Maybe even try to experiment; by combining art mediums to create a new piece. Who knows what you might discover?

4. Evoke Your Skills With An Art


If you have a large piece in mind that you want to create; but have never done it before, it is the perfect time to do an art study. An art study allows you to practice before committing to a large piece. You can map out the color scheme, composition, and style. It can serve as a fun exploration tool or as a blueprint.

When doing an art study, you are taking off the pressure of perfection and allowing room for, "happy little accidents,” as Bob Ross used to say. Art studies are an opportunity to discover and flow. Working through the perceived “imperfections” gifts you the ability to practice and will give you the confidence and the skill needed to execute the grand vision. 

5. Get Out And Explore


Disrupt the norm and start seeking moments of opportunity where you can break out of your routines. It is easy to get wrapped up in the repetitive nature of the day-to-day. At times we can feel like we are encountering a creative block when in reality, we are starving our minds of new experiences. 

Changing your environment can be as small as adding a new plant to your creative space or as big as traveling to a new country. Taking small steps to improve your surroundings will inspire a new energy of creation. You are the product of your environment, so keep the energy flowing toward exploration. 

The magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Take yourself on these solo art dates as many times as you like. It is time to prioritize your well-being as an ever-evolving artist. Take up space and explore what the world has to offer. It is an opportunity to know how to fuel yourself and your passions. Inspiration is waiting for you.

Treat yo’ self!


What are your favorite Artist dates?

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