Sincerely Art: Latina Surrealist Artist Transcending Boundaries

Sincerely Art: Latina Surrealist Artist Transcending Boundaries

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Giselle Ibarra, also known as Sincerely Art, about her journey and paving her legacy as a Latina business owner and artist. I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look into the mind of one of my favorite artists working today, as she transcends boundaries for LatinX artists alike. 

We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?

This is an interesting question, as I feel like I don't have an exact answer for you.. but I can go back in time to when it feels like it started. I was always artistically inclined as a child, art was always my form of peace or escape. I didn't really take art seriously until 2018, which is when I decided to quit my job and pursue art as a full-time job. But prior to that, I had been sketching and messing with paint since about 2014. So I guess I would say that's when my art story began..back in 2014.

You have to take a leap of faith to realize your dreams. What moment made you realize you were in divine alignment with your passion?

It was November 26, 2018. I had been working at a desk job for about a year.. maybe even less from what I can recall. But through that year I mentally gave myself the period of 12 months to work towards leaving my job to do what I really loved, which was creating. I had taken some time off work because things just seemed a little hectic then, but I had the constant question of "should I quit my job?" in the back of my mind. 

That was the day I decided I no longer was going to question, I was just going to go for it. The alignment came in number 26. I remember crying in my bed, being so afraid of quitting. I looked down at my phone. It was Nov 26 6:26pm and it stuck with me. So I googled angel number 26 and it was a direct sign from the universe that my timing was right. That was the day I took a full leap of faith.

What advice would you give to an artist who wants to become a business owner? Any major lessons learned?

My best advice is to trust yourself and build something sustainable over time. I think we hear a lot of stories from people who say "I run my own business" but we never really get to HOW the business started or how long it took. Timing is everything. 

You have to learn to trust the timing of your life, even when things seem hopeless. I think building something sustainable over time is a better route than not having a plan. Set small goals for yourself, accomplish them, and make new ones. But never let the momentum die out. 

Sustainability will always get you further than temporary highs of success.. which is also my biggest lesson to date.

A Painter of Dreams

Grateful for the insight. I love how your passion keeps you going despite the challenges. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your dream-like work?

My work is a safe space for me where I can dream and create whatever it is I desire. It is limitless, which I consider a direct representation of myself. My art conveys hope. I paint small glimpses of dreams where time, limitations, boundaries do not exist. It is free. It is filled with light, color, depth, and emotion. My work is meant to attract those who might need a space to get lost and away from the “every day” in the best way, a space of bliss.

What drew you to your current art style and art medium?

Surrealism is my favorite because, like I said earlier, it is limitless. I've found so much freedom and inspiration in knowing I can create whatever I desire because there is no "this is the way it should be." I am deeply in love with surrealism. 

Acrylics to me came later in life. I honestly didn't start painting until about 2017, and I hated it. Funny enough. I thought I was horrible at art, but at the same time, I didn't care because I liked the feeling of playing with paint. I kind of took acrylics as a challenge.. I was like "OK, let me see how far I can really get with this" because I knew I was good at sketching, so in my mind there was no reason why I couldn't become good at acrylics. I guess that's what got me to that medium, and I stick to it to this day.

Starting your own business is no small feat. We all face challenges, but looking back, would you describe it as a relatively smooth journey?

Haha, this made me laugh. Not at all. I don't think any part of this journey has been smooth. It has come in extreme waves.. extreme waves of highs and extreme waves of lows. But through every obstacle, I have learned to stay afloat. I think that's very important to remember. Nothing you desire comes easily, it takes discipline and hard work. 

It takes great failure at the same time as great success, but being aware that these things simply come with a passion, or a dream..makes you more prepared and less blindsided. Remembering that everything is always working in your divine timing and, for you, is key to pushing you through the rough patches.

Butterfly Painting

Where we are on our path is often partly because of the individuals and communities in our lives. Who else deserves recognition for how your story is metamorphosing?

I owe a lot to my dad. He is my work ethic and why I work as hard as I do. Growing up, there were 6 of us, including my parents. We are an immigrant family.. and as I'm sure you are aware, it is very hard to come to the states, let alone provide for a big family and or acquire citizenship. My dad to me represents dedication no matter what. He was our provider up until I was about 19 years old, and never once complained about a bad day. He always kept it pushing with a smile on his face. 

I pride myself in knowing this is the legacy he has passed on to me and is now living through me. I don't come from money, richness, or structure really.. but I do come from honesty, labor, dedication and hard work. My dream is to buy him a home one day, and I know that this will also be a part of my story.

Art transcends cultural boundaries and acts as a powerful binding force that unites people no matter where they are from. As a Latina paving her way in the art community, what long-standing legacy do you hope to create with your art?

To keep dreaming no matter what borders or boundaries or obstacles are placed in front of you. That is the legacy I hope to leave behind. I watched my dad struggle at a young age to simply gain approval to come work in the United States.. he kept pushing to then acquire residency and then later gain citizenship.This taught me very little that there was a limitation created due to race. My goal is to break that boundary with everyone who comes across my story that is also from an immigrant family like I am. Don't take no for an answer when it comes to your dreams.

Thank you Giselle for allowing us into your world and for being a bright light in the art community. I’m excited to see how your legacy continues to grow as I know you have not only inspired me but many other art lovers as well.

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